“i never look at fashion magazines. i find them incredibly boring.” // v. westwood

truth be told, i canceled all my fashion mag subscriptions – ms. westwood’s opinion wasn’t too far off from my reasons why.

perhaps age had something to do with it, since the only periodicals that darken my doorstep as of late are those that have most to do with creating a stylish home, as opposed to cultivating a snappy wardrobe. unquestionably, i adore fashion, but for the longest time there hasn’t been anything new about the magazines covering it. models replaced actresses, spreads with beautiful girls doing nothing more but the trentini jump – and if grace or carine weren’t at the helm, editorials might as well have been used as lullabies. it’s all been a bit of bore.

however, i think a memo has been sent out and the new creatives are trying their hand at making those glossies fresh and exciting again; and thank goodness for that – supermarket fashion mags are a dime a dozen, yet this fresher crop might make me reconsider my ever so boring view on fashion mags.


➝ source : frankie magazine

➝ source : i-D magazine

➝ source : violet magazine

➝ source : ironic, no? the gentlewoman


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