“…and all the colors I am inside have not been invented yet.” // s. silverstein

truth be told, i’ve got on top to toe black.

my foundation garments may be purple today, as is my wont, but, let’s face it i’m dressed in black. though the weather has become a delight; the birds have begun to chirp in the morning, and the sun glows and takes the brunt of the day to pre-heat to an intense warm (when you stay in one place, magnified by a car window, ignoring the wind) – we can finally say spring has sprung, the grass is riz…  flowers are starting to bloom, moods have become more vibrant and colour has saturated into my very skin.

i may not be so quick to wear it, but trust me, i’m feeling it – deepdeepdeep inside.





➝ source : sophie hulme mini soft envelope clutch in bright pink via door step luxury

➝ source : stella jean astrid car print dress via matches

➝ source : givenchy magnetic closure crystal studs via browns fashion

➝ source : pierre hardy sunshine yellow ballerinas via colette 


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