“…a woman can be sexy, charming, witty or shy with her shoes.” // c. louboutin

there is some element of truth in saying that the shoes you choose, can and will say quite a bit about you.

whether kitten-heeled or stilettoed, lug or platform – your soles can whisper or shout out a little bit about your disposition. i should know, because mine fluctuate between howling like a ruffian or hopscotching and singing a tune like an eight year old. i alternate between platform-soled creepers and slip-on plimsolls. there is no in-between. if i must get gussied up, the closest thing to pretty (in my definition) would be a pair of wedges taking me up to a towering height of 5’6″ instead of my lowly 5’2″.

shoes, for me, are not what they are for a lot of women – i’ll take a handbag or lipgloss over going shoe shopping any day, as those are easy to fit, both in style and in comfort. there are so many i adore, but shoes and i, we just have a complicated relationship – i always end up hurting.





➝ source : elastic & canvas tennis shoes via bensimon

➝ source : burgundy double-sole creeper loafers via underground

➝ source : camilla skovgaard wedge sandals via shoescribe

➝ source : milo rubber sandals via acne


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