“love is the only gold.” // a., lord tennyson

though love is as hard to break into as bullion, procuring and holding on to the latter is somewhat simpler. and much like the fervor of the emotion, for years and years i hid from it. i didn’t believe it suited me, i thought it would peg me down, i thought it would give an impression of me that would have been plainly untrue. i didn’t believe it to be tough enough, that it was too easily malleable, and much too easily broken. but then i realized i was full of it.

both in love and in gold, you make it yours by bringing meaning to it and finding your own way around it. and both in love and gold – it can be unbreakable and delicate at the very same time.





➝ source : lightning bolt pendant via jennifer fisher jewelry

➝ source : a bracelet with the best of both worlds via delfina delettrez

➝ source : dezso shark spine ring via twist

➝ source : all seeing eye disk necklace via scosha


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