“man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.” // a. malraux

to be clear, i’m not one to stay hidden.

there are times when i probably say too much, emote too much, wear much too much, and then comes august when my mane becomes way too much to contain.

however, there are those quiet corners, those moments of still that i find myself staying in, making sure the edges of magazines on tables match up in right angles, when the floors gleam, and everything has been put away properly. order, in amongst the chaos. i am split pretty evenly between the mess and tidy – and i am aware that though i keep much too much, all those scraps and mementos have a spot to be tucked away in. something pretty, something small; zippered pouches with clever patterns and quaint textures – the outsides of which will forever be winsome, no matter what secrets* may lurk inside of them.




➝ source : reversible b & w clutch via falconwright

➝ source : medium 3D zip via baggu

➝ source : tahiti reef pouch via samudra

➝ source : time’s arrow cracked silver clutch via ssense

*receipts and/or lip balms, mostly.


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