“someone asked me, if i were stranded on a desert island what book would I bring… ‘how to build a boat.’ // s. wright

the likelihood of me ending up on a desert island are fairly close to nil.

i’m not partial to open water, or a fan of sand finding its way into every crevice on my person; and let’s face it, i’m quite certain there isn’t enough SPF out there to cover the amount of sun-weariness i’m bound to incur. and before you question it, yes – i do travel with sunscreen in my bag at all times.

however, faced with the mere question of what i would take with me should i find myself stranded on a fingers-crossed shady island – left me for a loop. taking the obvious and personal out of the equation, (my husband and daughter would be safely tucked away playing video games and the dog would be wandering around the house searching for the curly-haired thing to give him a treat) – i was left with a serious and superficial conundrum. i mean, what five items would you not want to be caught stranded without?





➝ source : a dress that one could move about in, and also, if need be, sleep in. anouk dress via wood wood

➝ source : a pair so large, they might reflect light back to a passing ship – a stylish S.O.S. #289 via linda farrow

➝ source : lack of potable water won’t be a problem, this lip balm will quench your thirst. lucas’ papaw ointment

➝ source : scarf as blanket, hat, tent, flag; a multipurpose tool. agir in blue via a peace treaty

➝ source : write poetry on bark & make sure your eyes pop when they finally come save you. ink for eyes via urban decay


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