“at its best, life is completely unpredictable.” // c. walken

though not a boy, let alone a boy scout, i needn’t have checked in with them first to know that the first rule of living a life that doesn’t induce any more anxiety than it already does, would be to always ‘be prepared’.

i’m fully aware that admitting this may make me a total killjoy but, i detest surprises.

i don’t like not knowing what comes next, and i don’t care for putting a kink into my very stable and routine… routine. i always read TV spoilers, and those who know me well understand that they should never tease with the statement, “i know what i’m getting you for your birthday…!” because they’ll never hear the end of it.

and then, i compulsively check the weather. not because i’m worried, but because i’d prefer to know whether i can count on it being predictably unpredictable, and plan accordingly.*





➝ source : alden cotton anorak via toast, in case it rains.

➝ source : oversized hepcat sunglasses via madewell, as the sun will surely come out for 17 minutes post rain-shower.

➝ source : becksondergaard sun girls scarf via thou shalt covet, because it’s so damn windy all of a sudden…

➝ source : gabor shoes by rosa mosa via gravity pope, a good middle-ground shoe, because i just don’t know what to wear anymore.

(i promise, i’m fun.)


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