“i like it. what is it?” // a. burrill

i’m quite comfortable being the sole aye in a sea of nays.

it’s not that i’m trying to go against the grain, and like that which very few others do, but i know that sometimes my affections can run a bit into the unconventional, yet most of the time – even if they don’t agree, others can see my point.

and then there are those moments, when even i come across an object, or to be truly pretentious, an objet, and i’ll really connect with it on some level, and yet – i won’t have the foggiest idea as to what the ‘thing’ is meant to be/do/or is for. you’ll ask me to explain why, and i’ll just say ‘because’. and sometimes it is just that – because. in some odd or small way, it just resonates with an idiosyncrasy that just instinctively attracts you to it.

no explanations needed.




➝ source : ben fiess large jar via leif

➝ source : block vases via cos x nendo

➝ source : octahendron by eric trine via poketo

➝ source : white pyramid via anna leena


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