“the secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” // l. ball

let me first aver that invoking aaliyah is not in direct response to adding another 365 days to my very own personal calendar. it serves purely as an observation.

the observation being – that no longer do antiquated rules apply to dressing for one’s age; dressing for your own personal amusement and gratification is the aim. you can don a mini-skirted frock and stilettoed heels should you so fancy at 50 and cover it all up, no knees and no clavicle at 20 – should that be your wish. appropriateness is a long-forgotten idea, as there is no arbiter of what one should wear, at exactly what moment.

in my heart of hearts, i am exactly what this 30-what?-something should look like – smocks, creepers, cat-eyes, and nude lips – and you too, are exactly as you should be, no matter the age. if it pleases you so, wear it.





➝ source : tiered patchwork dress via labour of love

➝ source : shoes like pottery canvas high-top  sneaker via assembly new york

➝ source : frame denim le garçon denim overalls via net-a-porter

➝ source : charles anastase kiki medici dress via lagarçonne


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