“to shake your rump is to be environmentally aware.” // d.byrne

to be fair, i’m not sure what mr. byrne is on about, but i admit to enjoying the thought that the shaking of one’s ass could save the environment – if only it were that simple, we’d all being doing it, with glee.

my hope in reality of course, is that we’re all trying to help out in whatever way we can, big or small. we compost, we recycle, we give our unwanted things a second life by giving to those who do – and i really try to be mindful about what we put in and on our bodies in this little house of ours*. i don’t wear hemp, eat a lot of granola or have an overwhelming urge to hug a tree, but i’m doing my best.

case in point, the best for my skin as of late seems to be those products that have more ingredients that i can actually pronounce on the first try, and won’t make my dog sneeze when i come in for a cuddle. i do have priorities you know.




➝ source : umbra sheer physical defense SPF 30 via drunk elephant

➝ source : lip aid via sans [ceuticals]

➝ source : balans deep pore cleanser via själ

➝ source : lemongrass calendula body lotion via indie lee

*barring a handful of hair styling products – i need the alcohol people, it’s the only thing that makes my hair do what i need it to do.


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