“people that seem so glorious are all show; underneath they are like everyone else.” // r.w. emerson

i probably shouldn’t recite this amongst polite company, but i realized the other night – as i was attempting to pass my entire hand through the hole in my night-shirt, that it may have been too long a while since i last refreshed my supply of undergarments.

i’m quick to procure a new frock, sunglasses or oversized top, but i’ll let my very last set of knickers become akin to tissue before i notice the draft. it’s not for lack of care, it’s just i only remember that i should perhaps bring in more stock when i put them on in the morning, and move on to the state of my bedclothes before i go to bed. it’s a bit of an endless cycle of forgotten opportunities in lingerie.

perhaps i could just use these examples to remind me?






➝ source : dover bralette via araks

➝ source : donna karan pintucked cotton-batiste nightshirt via net-a-porter

➝ source : womens teepee brief via meundies

➝ source : louise shrunken robe via sleepy jones


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