“the manner of giving is worth more than the gift.” // p. corneille

i’m not sure if this can be scientifically substantiated, but i firmly believe that during the colder months, those months between november and the beginning of march – celebrations; wedding, birth, engagements, why-the-hell-nots, are in rather sparse supply.

the direct correlation can be seen that once the weather warms, rsvps are wildly in demand, plans are made, fêtes are feted, and cocktails are supplied; we just become ultimately more social when the weather thaws. of course, there is that train of thought that there is only a handful of things to do when things become too cold and grey to contemplate going out, but i’d rather keep things PG, so i digress.

the point is, it is a definite fact that the need to find that most perfect present has risen at least 80% since that vernal equinox got sprung.





➝ source : le bois scented candle by maison balzac via the minimalist

➝ source : prism grid blanket via leif

➝ source : höganäs keramik pitcher via haus london

➝ source : it is now! anthony burrill notebook via the lollipop shoppe




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