“the sun is new each day.” // heraclitus

the sun may very well wake up all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but trust – morning has taken its toll on me, and i do not.

things ache – certain parts that i’m not sure the name of, remind me of their existence, just by getting out of bed . i’m slow, i’m foggy, and i’m just not right until about 10am, when the coffee happens and life starts rumbling along. the worst part of it is, is getting dressed.

i’m not sure whether it’s going to be hot, or cold – or a mixture of both. i’d love to have just a pinch of power and be able to see into the middle-future to know if by noon i’m going to be annoyed if something pinches there, or is going to feel tight, pressing into my wobbly belly after lunch. it’s just become exhausting, when i’m already bone-tired. so, i sit on the edge of my bed – and stare into the abyss, and wear the same thing i wore the day before, (and possibly the day before that). i just want to slip a dress over my head, put on a pair of shoes, and walk out the door.

alas, it’s just a bit more complicated than that at the moment.




heimstoneiggydress ➝ source : to be adored jamily dress via american two shot

➝ source : isabel marant étoile odea textured dress via my theresa

➝ source : marni floral printed tunic via forward

➝ source : iggy dress via heimstone


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