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“the sun is new each day.” // heraclitus

the sun may very well wake up all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but trust – morning has taken its toll on me, and i do not.

things ache – certain parts that i’m not sure the name of, remind me of their existence, just by getting out of bed . i’m slow, i’m foggy, and i’m just not right until about 10am, when the coffee happens and life starts rumbling along. the worst part of it is, is getting dressed.

i’m not sure whether it’s going to be hot, or cold – or a mixture of both. i’d love to have just a pinch of power and be able to see into the middle-future to know if by noon i’m going to be annoyed if something pinches there, or is going to feel tight, pressing into my wobbly belly after lunch. it’s just become exhausting, when i’m already bone-tired. so, i sit on the edge of my bed – and stare into the abyss, and wear the same thing i wore the day before, (and possibly the day before that). i just want to slip a dress over my head, put on a pair of shoes, and walk out the door.

alas, it’s just a bit more complicated than that at the moment.




heimstoneiggydress ➝ source : to be adored jamily dress via american two shot

➝ source : isabel marant étoile odea textured dress via my theresa

➝ source : marni floral printed tunic via forward

➝ source : iggy dress via heimstone

“remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.” // m. proust

my grandmother likes to talk about the homeland.

she brings it up with a faraway look in her eye, and a lilt in her voice – that speaks of better times and of a better place than this. it is, of course, forever simpler to recall memories and places with a rose-tinted filter when the present isn’t quite what you bargained for, or when nostalgia creeps into your everyday – nostalgia even for a time you never experienced yourself.

i mean, who doesn’t feel like they’re walking around having been born a decade or two off from when they should’ve been? who hasn’t felt nostalgic at least for a moment, for a time or an era wherein they think it could’ve been that much more exciting, that much more of a laugh, that much more stylish?

the reality of course is that if we were in the thick of it, we’d still be thinking about the whatifs and the yesteryears – yet, there’s something a bit seductive about wishing for something you never had; it can never be, but you can pretend, just a little, if you want to. i mean, i’m nostalgic for quadrophenia*, i just want to live it now.




➝ source : olympias via le specs

➝ source : short sleeve monkey tee via ostwald helgason

➝ source : kenzo neoprene skirt via browns

➝ source : laurence dacade pete booties via montaigne market

*the style, not the drugs, shagging in alleyways, or the ditching scooters off cliffs.

“begin, be bold and venture to be wise.” // horace

want another just to prove a point?

virgil’s ‘fortune favours the bold’ has always been one to rely on; and you can never go wrong with the little ditty that rings ‘freedom lies in being bold.’ – robert frost would aver that.

though boldness comes in varying degrees and a multitude of sizes, one unmistakable way to stake your claim as one of the wild amongst the many staid – is with shocking colour, considerable size and have the ability to catch fragments of light.

from top to toe, you could be minimal and light – wear one of these and you’ll be one of the daring amongst the sleepy masses.



➝ source : equine cuff via lulu frost

➝ source : xl white sea pearl ring w/diamonds via jennifer fisher

➝ source : romantic armor small necklace via joomi lim

➝ source : blanca earrings via dannijo

“routine, in an intelligent man, is a sign of ambition.” // w.h. auden

it’s down to a science.

there is little to be left in the pauses in-between. i am, (in) a nut (shell), practiced and plainly methodical. without my daily rigmarole i am left aimless, floating about the space between my ears, anxious and jumpy. don’t misunderstand, i am not permanently scheduled or immovable, there is lots of wiggle room left (to fly by the seat of the pants i do not wear) after i’ve done all of those things i must do to set the rest of my day at ease.

i wake, i lumber down to make breakfast for the girl, let the dog out to yell at anyone who dares walk by our yard, then back up i go to get my head on straight. showered, hair dried, face put on, eyes blackened and then, as i tell everyone to HUSTLE for the HUNDREDTH time, i swipe the barest of nude balms on my beak and there… at least i’ll be able to put my best face forward for whatever else the day can and invariably will, throw my way.


➝ source : bite beauty bb for lips in suede via sephora

➝ source : kjaer weis lip tint in dream state via clementine fields

➝ source : velvet gloss in club mix via nars

➝ source : tinted lip conditioner in these days via ilia

“my belt holds my pants up, but the belt loops hold my belt up.

i don’t really know what’s happening down there. who is the real hero? // m. hedberg

i haven’t truly worn trousers since the fall of 2008.

i’ve worn pants, of course, but trousers or denim, be they straight or skinny? i’ve forgone the donning of britches for the better part of half a decade. no matter a fluctuating weight, or the size of hip; soft or svelte – bodily proportions just don’t seem to accommodate a pair of trousers the way they do for most. too long due to my being too short – the silhouette gets lost, and so do the cut of the leg. then, my being high on waist, most pairs bunch at the back, and pinch at the sides, and pull at the most inappropriate of places.

it’s a conundrum i just can’t abide by. and so, i appreciate them from a distance, pick out a dress – and persist on vicariously choosing out trousers for all those who can wear them. it’s not envy, it’s purely a knack.





➝ source : medallion silk-blend pants via chloé

➝ source : printed supima track-pants via raquel allegra

➝ source : NSF beck patched jeans via madewell

➝ source : CDG cropped pants via lagarçonne

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