“i could see that, if not actually disgruntled, he was far from being gruntled.” // p.g. wodehouse

i’m a bad news bear.

my shoulders are slumped, my head hangs heavy, i’m shuffling these feet, and i’m feeling a little bit… blue. i know for a fact that this little spell of disquiet has a finite expiry date, but as of right now, i’m not sure that anything can quell these nerves.

xanax? perhaps. an early-in-the-day cocktail? that would just be plumb irresponsible. oh, i know the perfect remedy; the ‘i-was-sad, but-then-i-bought-something-online, feel better cure.

it works like a charm, every time.



➝ source : ‘i carry your heart’ print by blacklist via the minimalist

➝ source : asherali knopfer earring via colette

➝ source : arne clausen pitcher via leif

➝ source : kala sea salt candle via co. bigelow


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