“the wisest are the most annoyed at the loss of time.” // d. alighieri

wisdom, evidently, i have in spades – particularly today.

had i not washed that gray right out of my hair the other day, had i left my glasses on the mantle and my contacts simmering – i might’ve been forgiven for not noticing that the signs of aging have quickened their pace. i am smart enough to know that stuff won’t make the hands of time turn back, yet the ripped gift-wrap and untied ribbons do, just the tiniest bit, assuage those fears of getting long in the tooth, forgetting for a moment – that shit, i really should get my teeth checked, i’m at that age now…



➝ source : maya ball cuff in dendrite via stanmore

➝ source : brisk jacket via rachel comey

➝ source : unearthen crown pendulum via creatures of comfort

➝ source : minimarket shang plateau brogues (with sparkles!!!) via shoescribe


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