“the best or nothing at all.” // g. daimler

it could take years, or it could take a day – but, i know this list will change.

i know it will, because it’s happened countless times before. i’ve run through the pros and the cons, i’ve given merit where it was due, and demoted when it was necessary. it hasn’t been easily won, this seeking out the very best in the field of feline-flicks; it has taken many years and an embarrassing wage – but i’ve done it all for you, (well, that’s not true) – this plight has been predominately selfish, yet i’ve gone through pretty well the entire cast of liquid eyeliners to bring you this list of the cream of the crop – for the first four months of 2014 at the very least.





➝ source : right to the point, literally – so easy to use, and lasts! ink for eyes via urban decay

➝ source : long-wearing, saturated, totally weird shape, a definite for new-to-pen users. clio eyeguard waterproof liner via peach & lily

➝ source : a stiff and concise liner, a bold black. alas, will not make you look like alexa chung. eye-do liquid liner via eyeko

➝ source : a legend – long wearing & smooth, yet you need to be able to wield a liner brush. long-wearing gel liner via bobbi brown

➝ source : this, hands down is my #1 for wear – a beautiful deep black, lasts possibly forever. caveat? the brush needs to be figured out – it warps after too few uses. yet, i persist, it’s that phenomenal. magic marc’er precision pen via marc jacobs


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