“winston was gelatinous with fatigue.” // g. orwell : 1984

i had the sort of weekend that makes this monday morning look like a holiday.

and no, i won’t belabor or bore you with the minutiae of these last few weeks, but i’ve got to say it, this life i’m leading while i’m making other plans has left me wrecked. there aren’t enough hours in the day to make it to a good night’s rest – and then, when i give it an earnest shot, i’m bothered by one too many thoughts, that ache in my lower back; or the dog has encroached so far on my side of the bed that he’s got me hanging on for dear life to the very last inch of the duvet.

needless to say, i’m having an awesome time over here. i am, however, thankful for sugary coffee, (SUGAR!, STILL!) and the command i wield over my make-up drawer. the tricks i’ve been using to fool everyone into thinking i’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed are nothing short of – okay, very well known by pretty much everyone – but just in case you needed a handful of tips…

to brighten and instantly widen sleepy eyes, use a white or nude pencil in the inner rims of your eyes


for the doe-eyed, ingenue look, go for gold, and emphasize those lashes:

fake a fresh-faced outlook with a good blush:

if all else fails, make it impossible to look anywhere else but at your pout:

➝ source : ‘lights, camera, lashes’ inner eye brightener via tarte cosmetics

➝ source : new generation eyelash s curler via shu uemura

➝ source : shameless bold blush in outspoken mauve via marc jacobs beauty

➝ source : color balm lipstick in gemma via stila


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