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“better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.” // g.b. shaw

yesterday, i wore white.

and it wasn’t because i was renewing any vows, or because i was being admitted to hospital and forced to wear a bum-flashing white gown. no, i wore white because it got scary hot; and the most frightening part? i knew i was going to spend the brunt of the high-sun hours directly underneath it.

the time was well-worth it (walked in the world pride parade!), but let me aver – it wasn’t pretty. i sweat through pretty much every square inch of my body, my make-up ended up a slip ‘n slide and and veered right off my face into a puddle around my toes, and let’s just say the vast expanse of my forehead was no match for the SPF50 i slathered on it in the morning. there’s no kind way to say it, i looked rough.

i didn’t think there was enough soap in the universe to get me clean. but i got there, eventually. my skin may be raw, but damn do i feel squeaky clean.






➝ source : sea kelp body wash via lather

➝ source : skin clearing face & body wash via clark’s botanicals

➝ source : bergamot & aloe shower gel via earth tu face

➝ source : revitalizing exfoliating body wash via green & spring

“the heart is the best reflective thinker.” // w. phillips

it’s human nature to be enamored by our own reflection.

all right, perhaps enamored is not the correct word, as in my case it may be closer to duly perplexed.

my hair looked fine when i left the house, my face looked a lot less ‘whatever happened to baby jane‘ the last time i checked, and it seems my bedroom mirror likes to tell lies that these picture windows i walk past would like to finally set straight.

the one reflection i can trust – is the fuzzy gleam bouncing off my argent toes. they’ll serve as the windows to your (yes, fine – my) sole…



➝ source : saint laurent classic paris 105 pumps via far fetch

➝ source : mirror leather oxfords via barbara bui

➝ source : pointy-toed ballerina via alexander mcqueen

➝ source : fifre block sandals via robert cleregie

“i like restraint, if it doesn’t go too far.” // m. west

oh, mae. the double-entendre and sassy quip were so your wheelhouse.

don’t get too hot and bothered, i wouldn’t dare bring up a topic as salty as the one she implied – yet, there is something rather bawdy and a bit winky when opting for an accessory that hints at something a bit rough and tumble.

this is not to forage for any sort of kink, don’t get me wrong – what you do, and who you do it doesn’t hold any interest for me – you go on with your bad self; just leave that hook latch cuff with me before you go.



➝ source : circle diamond ring via maria black

➝ source : hook latch cuff via eddie borgo

➝ source : tom binns safety pin earrings via harvey nichols

➝ source : maison martin margiela leather padlock pendant via yoox

“if everything isn’t black and white, i say, ‘why the hell not?'”// j. wayne

my dreams, they’re in colour.

the city i live in, sure – lots of muddy grays and worn brick-red, but it’s vivid with colour, especially the front lawns in the neighbourhood i live in. the smells are bold, voices carry down alleyways, the air is thick and soupy. use three of the five senses and you wouldn’t miss much at all during one day in the city.

i love the colour and noise, maybe that’s why i surround myself with monochrome in what i wear and in what i carry – just so i don’t have to compete?

ASOS Starlight Cut Out Shopper Bag



➝ source : fendi demi-jour color-block shoulder bag via net-a-porter

➝ source : starlight cut-out shopper via asos

➝ source : glossed leather shoulder bag via marni

➝ source : G.V.G.V. checkboard circle bag via K3

“i go home and stay there. i wash and scrub up each day, and that’s it. one month i actually grew a moustache, just so i could say that i’d done something.” // b. murray

i wouldn’t dare bore you with the details, but five weeks is a long time to feel mildly panicked.

and though i’m more ill than i am fully at ease – i’m contented with the thought that things could possibly get back to my level of normalcy – (it may be ankle-high, but it’s what i’m comfortable with).

so, i’ve decided it’s time to let the water roll off my back like a squeaky duck, and scrub the past month off. i’ll start from my head, and work all the way down to my toes. the anxiousness was that immersive – i’ve got a lot to slough off.


➝ source : exfoliating scalp mask via philip kingsley

➝ source : pomegranate deep cleansing scrub via korres

➝ source : geranium leaf body scrub via aesop

➝ source : alpine pumice foot treatment via fig + yarrow

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