“oh! `darkly, deeply, beautifully blue’, as someone somewhere sings about the sky.” // lord g.g. byron

it’s been all around me for days.

the sun has been shining, to be sure – and clouds have been piercing white, but the rest of it has been blue for miles. then twice this weekend, it was below me in great lakes of a washed out denim, a blue closer to grey – but beryl nonetheless.

its endless shades have always been the darling of my eye, but especially now, in summer – when i long to be cooler, when the memory of brisk breezes leave me cold, and the constant need to find those establishments that keep the A/C on full-blast becomes a part-time job and i-never-ever-leave-my-car-ever, because there too the air is forever on full-blast…

yeah, that’s right, the summer solstice just serves as a reminder that i think summer is a huge pain in the arse.

at least i have blue in my cupboard to remind me of the cool.


➝ source : bliss fabulous foaming body wash via co. bigelow

➝ source : aire of bel-air via lauren b. beauty

➝ source : philip b. blue spray via madison perfumery

➝ source : be the skin botanical toner via peach & lily


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