“truth is like the sun. you can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t going away.” // e. presley

the siren song of the beginning of summer has been played.

it’s walking down the street, patches of alabaster skin tinged a bright pink, a shadow of white where sunglasses rested on one’s face. people are hugging a bit more apprehensively, not wanting to make your own or your friends’ skin smart.

welcome, the first obscenely sunny and warm weekend has come and gone – and done its damage.

we forget really quickly don’t we, how a bit of high sunshine can go from glorious to treacherous within a matter of park picnic minutes. guys! the sun! it’s profoundly intense – hide! or defend yourselves!

it’s totally up to you.



➝ source : urban environment oil-free UV protector via shisedo

➝ source : sugar honey tinted lip treatment sunscreen SPF 15 via fresh

➝ source : sun care protective hair veil via aveda

➝ source : céline thin preppy sunglasses via lumière days


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