maybe I’m paranoid, but in this day and age, i don’t want something around my neck that’s worth more than my head. // r. rudner

though not a true adherent of astrology – there are a handful of – (read: all) attributes tied to that of the constellation taurus that resonate with me.

we’re known to be loyal, as obstinate as the horns that portray us, and we’re meant to be (overly?) sensitive and caring, and just full-up on love. so, really – we seem to be more like man’s best friend, instead of a mean old bull, but i digress.

flip the page on our zodiac and it’ll mention our devotion to good food, luxe living, and how we tend to enjoy the finer things in life – (this blog makes so much sense to me, so do those love handles).

however, the one piece of information that has always stuck with me whenever i’ve read/heard/listened to someone extol the virtues of someone born at the beginning of may – is that we’re fiercely protective of our necks. and this my friends, is where my disbelief crosses the road to a maybe.

scarves, cowls, and necklaces-a-plenty have always circled me – not only because i adore them, but because i am actively defending my neck.

don’t ask me from what, because i couldn’t quite tell you. but there it is.




➝ source : ann demeulemeester transparent ball necklace via far fetch

➝ source : good omen necklace via bjørg

➝ source : pomander pendant via jewelmint

➝ source : spike pendant via eddie borgo


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