“if everything isn’t black and white, i say, ‘why the hell not?'”// j. wayne

my dreams, they’re in colour.

the city i live in, sure – lots of muddy grays and worn brick-red, but it’s vivid with colour, especially the front lawns in the neighbourhood i live in. the smells are bold, voices carry down alleyways, the air is thick and soupy. use three of the five senses and you wouldn’t miss much at all during one day in the city.

i love the colour and noise, maybe that’s why i surround myself with monochrome in what i wear and in what i carry – just so i don’t have to compete?

ASOS Starlight Cut Out Shopper Bag



➝ source : fendi demi-jour color-block shoulder bag via net-a-porter

➝ source : starlight cut-out shopper via asos

➝ source : glossed leather shoulder bag via marni

➝ source : G.V.G.V. checkboard circle bag via K3


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