“i buy expensive suits. they just look cheap on me.” // w. buffett

got a dime to spare?

the other day i found myself actually shaking my bag inside out to find some random coins to make up the 23¢ i was lacking to buy the moppet one sad, little banana when hanger was about to set in. as of late, i have found that i am never with cash in pocket, because plastic does the job faster, but also – the impulse to buy when a bright and shiny new season rolls into our weather and more literally into shops, it’s hard to resist the lure of new without breaking the bank.

i don’t easily advocate fast fashion, but if you choose well and are in need of a mood boost in the shape of something easy to wear when it’s hot out, it takes very little effort to pick up something a little bit cheap, but mostly cheerful.




➝ source : quay charlie sunnies via shop koshka

➝ source : cross body bag via asos

➝ source : gingham applique shell top via topshop

➝ source : nautical midi skirt via pixie market


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