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“oh! `darkly, deeply, beautifully blue’, as someone somewhere sings about the sky.” // lord g.g. byron

it’s been all around me for days.

the sun has been shining, to be sure – and clouds have been piercing white, but the rest of it has been blue for miles. then twice this weekend, it was below me in great lakes of a washed out denim, a blue closer to grey – but beryl nonetheless.

its endless shades have always been the darling of my eye, but especially now, in summer – when i long to be cooler, when the memory of brisk breezes leave me cold, and the constant need to find those establishments that keep the A/C on full-blast becomes a part-time job and i-never-ever-leave-my-car-ever, because there too the air is forever on full-blast…

yeah, that’s right, the summer solstice just serves as a reminder that i think summer is a huge pain in the arse.

at least i have blue in my cupboard to remind me of the cool.


➝ source : bliss fabulous foaming body wash via co. bigelow

➝ source : aire of bel-air via lauren b. beauty

➝ source : philip b. blue spray via madison perfumery

➝ source : be the skin botanical toner via peach & lily

“the french have a phrase for it. the bastards have a phrase for everything and they are always right.

to say goodbye is to die a little.” // r. chandler

always up for a melodramatic flourish, i just had to make a quick stop in to say à bientôt!

we’re off on a mini-break to montréal this weekend, and if we squint, and tilt our heads to the left, we can make believe we’re somewhere other than la belle province. actually, forget that – you can’t get poutine in paris.

don’t fret, i’ll head to more fashionable spots post – wouldn’t want any of that gravy ending up on any newly acquired habiliment.



➝ source : quai 417 – 417 rue saint-pierre

➝ source : ssense – 90 rue saint paul ouest

➝ source : olive & gourmando – 351 saint-paul ouest

➝ source : look away your size 2 thighs – poutine, anywhere – but mostly la banquise – 994 rue rachel est

“fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” // w. wordsworth

the last few months have been beset with the busy.

since this candle has been lit at both ends, i’ve found myself relying on all forms of messaging and reminder systems; the online calendar reminders, to-do apps in all sorts of OSes and iOSes – blinking/flashing/beeping abound at all times, and in all manners and configurations.

barring a string tied around my finger, i’ve used all the tried and true methods to ward off forgetfulness and the funny thing is, the old standard seems to do the trick. write it down on a piece of paper – and i’ll remember it. let it continually pop up on my phone – and i’ll end up throwing it against a wall. put the ink on onion skin and whatever it is i need to recall might as well be tattooed on the palm of my hand.

the benefit? i’ve retaught myself how to write – for a while there, i thought home-row would be the only place my hands knew where to go.


➝ source : michael roger decomposition book via omoi zakka shop

➝ source : rhodia white notebook via bureau direct

➝ source : one day at a time notepad set via russell + hazel

➝ source : ontwerpduo ‘unstationary’ via walker art shop


“the heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing.” // b. pascal

i’ve said it before that i don’t recall when the ‘pre-fall/resort’ collections started creeping up on the regular, and i plainly admit that i used to ignore them. it seemed rather audacious for an industry that makes frillions of dollars was trying to cash in on even more frillions, every four months or so.

however, time wore on – as it is wont to do, and so did my ability to overlook some really amazing (and some really terrible) designs. i now view the ready-to-wear collections as a never-ending carousel of presentations and runways of frocks – it starts in september, and never really ends – it just takes a summer holiday to recoup and start again.

here, get the gist:





// all photos courtesy of

➝ source : orla kiely resort 2015

➝ source : proenza schouler resort 2015

➝ source : roksanda ilincic resort 2015

➝ source : valentino resort 2015 (this is unspeakably great.)

“the snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. neither need you do anything but be yourself.” // l. tzu

i want to wear white.

i would like to have the ability to wear white and not be so alarmingly self-aware over it.

the last time i wore white was august 2007 – the day i got married, and it had been decades before since the last time i wore it, and it’s been another seven years since then.

i’m not sure why i have this unflinching impression that wearing white, for me, isn’t as strong as black; that white is bridal and not modern, (because i am SO wrong on that); that putting on white is like wearing a spotlight. and really, wearing white just seems like an epic pain in the arse. as much as i’d like to think getting dingy wouldn’t bother me, i know it would. a walk taken with the kid and the dog, and not five minutes later my whites would end up muddy greys.

BUT. i WANT to wear white. it’s so hot in these forever black clothes.





➝ source : collared cropped jacket via merchant archive collection

➝ source : aloha tee via j.crew

➝ source : christopher kane geometric lace skirt via far fetch

➝ source : maison rabih kayrouz draped shirt-dress via the room


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