“the heart is the best reflective thinker.” // w. phillips

it’s human nature to be enamored by our own reflection.

all right, perhaps enamored is not the correct word, as in my case it may be closer to duly perplexed.

my hair looked fine when i left the house, my face looked a lot less ‘whatever happened to baby jane‘ the last time i checked, and it seems my bedroom mirror likes to tell lies that these picture windows i walk past would like to finally set straight.

the one reflection i can trust – is the fuzzy gleam bouncing off my argent toes. they’ll serve as the windows to your (yes, fine – my) sole…



➝ source : saint laurent classic paris 105 pumps via far fetch

➝ source : mirror leather oxfords via barbara bui

➝ source : pointy-toed ballerina via alexander mcqueen

➝ source : fifre block sandals via robert cleregie


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