“fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” // w. wordsworth

the last few months have been beset with the busy.

since this candle has been lit at both ends, i’ve found myself relying on all forms of messaging and reminder systems; the online calendar reminders, to-do apps in all sorts of OSes and iOSes – blinking/flashing/beeping abound at all times, and in all manners and configurations.

barring a string tied around my finger, i’ve used all the tried and true methods to ward off forgetfulness and the funny thing is, the old standard seems to do the trick. write it down on a piece of paper – and i’ll remember it. let it continually pop up on my phone – and i’ll end up throwing it against a wall. put the ink on onion skin and whatever it is i need to recall might as well be tattooed on the palm of my hand.

the benefit? i’ve retaught myself how to write – for a while there, i thought home-row would be the only place my hands knew where to go.


➝ source : michael roger decomposition book via omoi zakka shop

➝ source : rhodia white notebook via bureau direct

➝ source : one day at a time notepad set via russell + hazel

➝ source : ontwerpduo ‘unstationary’ via walker art shop



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