“i go home and stay there. i wash and scrub up each day, and that’s it. one month i actually grew a moustache, just so i could say that i’d done something.” // b. murray

i wouldn’t dare bore you with the details, but five weeks is a long time to feel mildly panicked.

and though i’m more ill than i am fully at ease – i’m contented with the thought that things could possibly get back to my level of normalcy – (it may be ankle-high, but it’s what i’m comfortable with).

so, i’ve decided it’s time to let the water roll off my back like a squeaky duck, and scrub the past month off. i’ll start from my head, and work all the way down to my toes. the anxiousness was that immersive – i’ve got a lot to slough off.


➝ source : exfoliating scalp mask via philip kingsley

➝ source : pomegranate deep cleansing scrub via korres

➝ source : geranium leaf body scrub via aesop

➝ source : alpine pumice foot treatment via fig + yarrow


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