“what is elegance? soap and water!” // c. beaton

because it takes me much too long to learn from my mistakes – it was only after much trial and error, along with a ruddy complexion, a slight burning sensation, and sensitivity to light, that i finally understood it was time to treat my skin with just a bit more kindness – kid gloves in the form of cleanser.

i’ve backed away slowly from the alpha hydroxy, turned on glycolic acid, and put benzoyl peroxide on mute; (though the fact that i still use something on my face that sounds more akin to something you’d find on the periodic chart of elements is fundamentally bizarre) – i’ve stepped away from the concept (of made up words) and cosmeceuticals and have gone all traditional with my skin.

and right now, the smoother texture and clearer complexion of my face couldn’t be more proof that my skin is thrilled with this homespun turn of events.




➝ source : sekkisei clear facial soap via b-glowing

➝ source : blue clay cleansing bar soap via herbivore botanicals

➝ source : a lump of ‘coal face’ cleansing bar via lush

➝ source : don’t be scared : lanolin ägg tvål (egg white soap) via catbird


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