“better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.” // g.b. shaw

yesterday, i wore white.

and it wasn’t because i was renewing any vows, or because i was being admitted to hospital and forced to wear a bum-flashing white gown. no, i wore white because it got scary hot; and the most frightening part? i knew i was going to spend the brunt of the high-sun hours directly underneath it.

the time was well-worth it (walked in the world pride parade!), but let me aver – it wasn’t pretty. i sweat through pretty much every square inch of my body, my make-up ended up a slip ‘n slide and and veered right off my face into a puddle around my toes, and let’s just say the vast expanse of my forehead was no match for the SPF50 i slathered on it in the morning. there’s no kind way to say it, i looked rough.

i didn’t think there was enough soap in the universe to get me clean. but i got there, eventually. my skin may be raw, but damn do i feel squeaky clean.






➝ source : sea kelp body wash via lather

➝ source : skin clearing face & body wash via clark’s botanicals

➝ source : bergamot & aloe shower gel via earth tu face

➝ source : revitalizing exfoliating body wash via green & spring


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