“if it doesn’t sweat, jiggle, or pant, it’s not alive.”  // p.r. naylor

let’s be frank, shall we?

i know i spent the tail end of our winter of discontent whinging about the absolute tundra-ness of it all. but ask anyone, even those who prefer winter – it was a bitch.

but you see, now it’s something all together more irritating (for me, relax – i understand i’m in the minority here) – it’s getting uncomfortably warm, and the humidity is already insufferable. i’m sweating – and in the most bizarre of places. don’t get squicked, it’s all about the face.

my upper lip (how dignified!), the curve in my chin (need a swim?), my hairline, (so manly!) if i’m not diligent, my face, by mid-morning will inevitably look like a dali memory. to banish the melt, i’ve gone summer-proof. heat – do your worst.

(but pleasepleaseplease don’t!?)




(needless to say, there’s a liquid eyeliner in there – choose whichever one you prefer – they’ll stick for a good long while.)

➝ source : mdsolar sciences broadspectrum SPF via dermstore

➝ source : perfection powder via marc jacobs beauty

➝ source : cheek stain via tarte cosmetics

➝ source : glossy stain by YSL


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