“time, the subtle thief of youth.” // j. milton

given the choice, i probably wouldn’t go back in time to relive a misspent youth.

there are moments, sure, that i think it would be amusing to revisit, those evenings way back in the, ugh, the late 90s/early naughts – when i think it would be a gas to stay up all night, smoke all the cigarettes, drink all the dranks and be clear-eyed enough to make it into the office for 9am.

yes, i admit i did that. more than twonce. thank goodness i had my own office – wherein at 3pm i could put my head down and promise myself to never-do-what-i-did-the-night-before-ever-ever-again-i-swear-now-please-can-i-take-a-nap?

that’s as far back as i’m willing to go in terms of nostalgic wistfulness – but sometimes, on those rare occasions when i have a stress-induced flashback of the four-year-old me in my brother’s BROWN-CORDUROY overalls, i think – why the hell not – give me these kids clothes in the adult size, let me regress, just a little bit – it just looks so terrific…




➝ source : franky grow frill shirt-dress via thumbeline

➝ source : april showers noa jacket via my little square

➝ source : nautical stripe dress via noé & zoë

➝ source : beck sönder gaard stars shoulder bag via smallable


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