“i have often wanted to drown my troubles, but i can’t get my wife to go swimming.” // j. carter

i think because there are so many things about me that are soft – i’ve taken on, for all intents and purposes, (and partially subconsciously, but i’ll have to speak with my therapist to make sure), a manner and a state of dress that works as a sort of armor.

but the thing is, even the armor is getting too soft. triceps are non-existent, wings grow in their stead. my hips are so in love with their handles that they’ve become grating as a couple. and now, now that the summer is near, even my hair is reaching a state of largess. it’s rather unfortunate that most forms of exercise leave me intensely bored, and profoundly sweaty.

it’s a good thing i like to swim, even better – the water doesn’t care about what you like in that swimsuit.

come on in, the water is fine.

➝ source : lover marine leopard underwire suit via bona drag

➝ source : farrah neoprene maillot via lisa marie fernandez

➝ source : maio oceano boreal maillot via blue man

➝ source : white knight one-piece via we are handsome


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