“the snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. neither need you do anything but be yourself.” // l. tzu

i want to wear white.

i would like to have the ability to wear white and not be so alarmingly self-aware over it.

the last time i wore white was august 2007 – the day i got married, and it had been decades before since the last time i wore it, and it’s been another seven years since then.

i’m not sure why i have this unflinching impression that wearing white, for me, isn’t as strong as black; that white is bridal and not modern, (because i am SO wrong on that); that putting on white is like wearing a spotlight. and really, wearing white just seems like an epic pain in the arse. as much as i’d like to think getting dingy wouldn’t bother me, i know it would. a walk taken with the kid and the dog, and not five minutes later my whites would end up muddy greys.

BUT. i WANT to wear white. it’s so hot in these forever black clothes.





➝ source : collared cropped jacket via merchant archive collection

➝ source : aloha tee via j.crew

➝ source : christopher kane geometric lace skirt via far fetch

➝ source : maison rabih kayrouz draped shirt-dress via the room



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