“words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” // r. kipling

i took a good look around my home the other day, and something occurred to me that i hadn’t realized before – of the roughly twenty or so items strung up on our walls only four of them do not include type of some sort.

we seem to have a penchant for words that serve as art – idioms, facts, fonts – amusing and/or ironic drawings by the likes of marc johns. we are a people that enjoy pieces that mean something – somehow, even if it has to be spelled out. idiosyncratic sure, but true. i like words – i think, (i hope!) i’ve made that crystal if not verbosely clear.

perhaps i need to see things printed on walls to serve as reminders – to actually read the writing on the walls – to remember those words that are most important to me.




➝ source : ‘i like nice things‘ print via seventy tree

➝ source : ‘paradise‘ print via blacklist

➝ source : ‘see 2‘ print via therese sennerholt

➝ source : ‘you’re so lovely‘ print via the adventures of


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