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“did you ever get the feeling that the world was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes?” // g. gobel

it’s been ages since i’ve had the need to use the black-tie option; i suppose me and mine just don’t run in the right circles (what sweet relief!).

when, in the past i’ve been presented with an invite that requested the affair be formal, i know i always tried to divert the course. case in point – i’ve never worn a dress that grazed an ankle, and i’ve never met a strappy/stilettoed shoe that made me swoon, (shudder in pain and horror yes, but never have i swooned).

the truth is, as the hors d’ouevres are served, cocktails are sipped, and small-talk is bantered about, the men seem as happy as clams. well-dressed, finely tailored, comfortably mingling in their buffed shoes – i think how much better off they are. and i want in. my intentions may not lean toward to le smoking, or of the janelle monae, but something infinitely more interesting – and surely, (please!) more comfortable than a gown and heels.





➝ source : exaggerated tuxedo dress via cynthia rowley

➝ source : tuxedo dress via A’N’D

➝ source : monochrome tuxedo dress via 3.1 phillp lim

➝ source : wool & satin cape via givenchy

“i’m a dirt person. i trust the dirt. i don’t trust diamonds and gold.” // e. kitt

this statement, it’s verily untrue.

i’m dirt-averse, i keep a clean house and i’m approaching OCD-levels on these (seriously) clean (and chapped) hands. i’m not one to aver that cleanliness is next to godliness, as i’m not into that sort of thing, but my brain does like to keep things tidy. there is one area, however, where a little dirt won’t irk me, and oddly enough – it’s all over my face.

i find it bizarre and not a little bit ironic that the cleanest my skin feels is when i rub it all up in the muck – of course, it’s not your plain, old muddy-mud that my dog rolls about in, but you know, the refined, antiseptic sort – the kind you don’t go out in to your yard to fetch; this is the kind of dirt you’ll pay good money for – but it’s fine, your skin will pay you back in kind.


➝ source : activated charcoal cleanser via shamanuti

➝ source : tea tree leaf facial exfoliant via aesop

➝ source : the problem solver correcting masque via may lindstrom

➝ source : dark angels scrub via lush

“they’re only crayons. you didn’t fear them in kindergarten, why fear them now?” // h. macleod

by all means – you may beg to differ, but i’ve always been better with words than with pictures.

when i was in school, it wasn’t english or poli-sci that gave me the twitch, it was always art class that gave me hives. all those mediums, all those colours, all the different ways i could make ugly come to life on canvas – always made me feel a little less than. talent, i had elsewhere – but this lack for visual artistic expression made my stick figures and intense need to colour within the lines stick out like, well, really bad art.

at university – and art class was no longer a mandatory 45 minutes of cultured hell, it dawned on me while sketching my siouxsie sioux eyes and penciling in my lip – that i wasn’t too shabby with paint after all, i just needed a different medium and a canvas i was bit more familiar with.

now – i’m positively giddy to crack open a fresh box of crayons with the moppet, and what’s more? i love colouring in the lines with new ones of my own – but these ones, i definitely  don’t share.



➝ source : bite beauty matte crème lip crayon via sephora

➝ source : chubby stick cheek colour balm via clinique

➝ source : colour clay CC primer via tarte cosmetics

➝ source : kiss pop lipstick in smack via marc jacobs beauty

“i’ve always thought of the t-shirt as the alpha and omega of the fashion alphabet.” // g. armani

i rarely wear what can be classically called a t-shirt – but even i know that there is not one piece of clothing, (excluding a well-worn pair of jeans), that is as classic, simple and yet, fashion-forward as a simple tee.

yet, there has been this movement as of late, that has turned the simple cotton tee, into a status-symbol, though once you could get a three-pack-fruit-of-the-loom for less than a tenner and dress it up or down with just about anything, the last few years have seen the rise of the triple digit t-shirt; and i think i have a problem with that.

i get it – the fashion houses can afford to be clever, to hopefully use the best cotton jersey, (i hope?), to get away with using the most pithy/ironic/witty of sayings, and to have the most elaborate designs. it’s just that i can’t stand behind the prices they ask you to pay; and i’m someone who rarely has an issue with a price-tag. if you have the means and the desire, don’t listen to a thing i say, but i just think paying that much for a basic item of clothing smacks a little like taking advantage. especially when you can pick up any basic tee, and get it printed at your local bang-on.





➝ source : froggy loops tee via moschino

➝ source : madeworn’s guns n’ roses tank via net-a-porter

➝ source : alex graphic ‘lara’ tee via markus lupfer

➝ source : tikki man print tee via mary katrantzou

“nothing in the world is single / all things by law divine / in one another’s being mingle…” // p. b. shelley

none of us are alone, as long we have ourselves; or something existential and poetic like that. hold on, wait – i have something in my eye – i think it’s a huge ROLL.

though there is much to be said about being one half of a pair, being one of a kind has a certain allure that should not be discounted. in being one, you stand front and centre behind no one’s shadow – attention and affection is bestowed on only you – a solitary spotlight to shine on that which is most special – most appealing, and more importantly, most twinkly.

let your single state shine – no need to wear a pair. put your hair up, put one of these glimmering charms on and you do you – be the only thing anyone can look at.





➝ source : lito izel single earring via white bird

➝ source : ana khouri hug earring via colette

➝ source : mono storm earring via runa

➝ source : crescent & star earring via kismet by milka

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