“horror is the removal of masks” // r. bloch

oh, but when i had time.

i absolutely adored sitting down with a thick layer of verdant clay on my face, as it swept, sloughed, and vacuumed debris from my face.

those evenings, when i would crack open a book, have a cup of tea, (perhaps have a cigarette – what? this was a parallel universe/lifetime ago) and sit – just sit for twenty full minutes and wait for figurative cement to dry.

those were good times – and better skin

now, when i take a long enough look in the mirror and am seriously able to contemplate taking 20 minutes away from sleepytime, and invest it back into caring for my skin, i want to take full advantage. and if full advantage means looking like hannibal lector before taking a sip of a fine chianti, then so be it. you take one of these very literal masks and arrange it on your face, (so you can breathe, FYI) – let it stew for a bit, toss it – then go directly to bed.

of course, if you had a mischievous streak, you could just let yourself fall asleep with one of these on – only to let your partner/roommate/dog find you looking like an episode of the twilight zone. call it a bonus.






➝ source : dr. jart pore minimalist mask via sephora

➝ source : tony moly clear skin rice mask via peach & lily

➝ source : skin clarifying mask via karuna

➝ source: biocellulose restorative masque via skinceuticals


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