“the best protection any woman can have… is courage.” // e.c. stanton

i’d aver that we all, rather unwittingly, cultivate exteriors that buoy our interiors.

it’s the reason why some of us will never wear black – if you believe it to be dour – and you’re absolutely not, why would you sport it? if your character screams colour, i wouldn’t blame you if you thought the muted tones to be bores. if you feel resolutely feminine, your veneer would probably express the same – girlish, feminine, soft.

this is not to say you don’t change from day to day, try different on faces/different personas; but mostly – i think we probably gravitate to outward appearances that feel most like us, or the us we’d most like to be.

i’d say i’m all big hair, dark liner, unquestionably clunky shoes and mock-armor in adornments, because, yes – i love it all, but also, i wouldn’t want anyone to get the impression that i would ever need any sort of protection. courage comes in the form of many cloaks, you just need to find yours…

➝ source : white out spike bracelet via joomi lim

➝ source : noir evil eye pendant via zoë chicco

➝ source : cone stud earring via eddie borgo

➝ source : valentino rockstud leather bracelet via forzieri


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