“they’re only crayons. you didn’t fear them in kindergarten, why fear them now?” // h. macleod

by all means – you may beg to differ, but i’ve always been better with words than with pictures.

when i was in school, it wasn’t english or poli-sci that gave me the twitch, it was always art class that gave me hives. all those mediums, all those colours, all the different ways i could make ugly come to life on canvas – always made me feel a little less than. talent, i had elsewhere – but this lack for visual artistic expression made my stick figures and intense need to colour within the lines stick out like, well, really bad art.

at university – and art class was no longer a mandatory 45 minutes of cultured hell, it dawned on me while sketching my siouxsie sioux eyes and penciling in my lip – that i wasn’t too shabby with paint after all, i just needed a different medium and a canvas i was bit more familiar with.

now – i’m positively giddy to crack open a fresh box of crayons with the moppet, and what’s more? i love colouring in the lines with new ones of my own – but these ones, i definitely  don’t share.



➝ source : bite beauty matte crème lip crayon via sephora

➝ source : chubby stick cheek colour balm via clinique

➝ source : colour clay CC primer via tarte cosmetics

➝ source : kiss pop lipstick in smack via marc jacobs beauty


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