“…at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” // m. atwood

smelling like dirt, no – that’s not the scent – it’s probably a tad closer to the smell of exhaust and dust. that’s dirt-like, no?

i mean, i do live in the city after all – and something as simple as taking a walk down queen street has become an exercise as gummy as treacle – treacle that is then deeply embedded into every pore by the end of day. it’s no surprise, that it’s a fairly sticky affair when it comes to my evening ablutions.

the waterproof eye makeup-remover, the cleansers, the toners, the spot creams and rampant exasperation – it’s a night-time formality come late may, and stays until the end of september. yet – what i didn’t expect, was that after years of battling the primordial summer ooze, i’ve upped my game – and now, nothing can compete with the litany products that have become my most trusted allies. come, let me show you what i’ve learned…


➝ source : raspberry clarifying pads via arcona

➝ source : juju bar via drunk elephant

➝ source : clarifying mask via indie lee

➝ source : oil-free pore refining cloths via ole henriksen*

*(if you had to choose one item of the four – go with these, they are SO AMAZINGLY AMAZING – your skin will want to phone my skin up and say THANK YOU.)


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