“do what you love, and you will find the way to get it out to the world.” // j. collins

what do you do when you have the smallest of existential crises?

i mean – mine, it wasn’t full on or anything – hyperbole and histrionics aren’t usually my thing.

my ‘usual thing’ is to let myself fester with a thought until it drives me to distraction – then i plumb forget about it. you see, it’s simple to talk myself out of doing something – getting up the bottle to do any one thing that gives me the slightest bit of excited-anxiety, scares me just enough to stall. stall until the engine light comes on and i’m hailing the first cab out of here.

this time though, i bit the bullet and took a straight line from point a and followed it directly to point b – and finally decided to do something i love – and with that, meet bibelot & token – my new online shop.

if you’ve been reading AWB for any length of time, (or just mistakenly arrived here), you’ll know that i like things; special, wonderful, and modern things. so i’ve opened a small, curated shop that carries a unique selection of curio, design & decor elements, and fabulous, all-natural skincare products, so that you too, could experience them and not just read about them.

this is just my way, of getting it out to the world… come visit?






➝ source : all items via me, at bibelot & token

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