“when a woman says, ‘i have nothing to wear!’, what she really means is, ‘there’s nothing here for who i’m supposed to be today.” // c. moran

since the heat and the ever-present grogginess set in, every morning has been a battle.

it’s me in a rage against time and the eternal questioning of comfort; as what seems the height of ease at 7.23am, may be the very bane of my existence by 1.47pm. there’s no telling how i’ll be feeling in my skin as the day wears on, and there is no way to anticipate who i’ll be from one moment to the next. i know it may sound fairly sybil, but it can’t just be me who feels like one person at one moment, and yet another at the next.

in my heart of hearts, i know very well just who i am, but yet there are those moments when it would just be so much simpler if someone could just let me in on who i’m meant to be that day. or, you know, just have someone dress me every morning so that i don’t have to think about it…


➝ source : capri acetate sunglasses via prism

➝ source : forme d’expression poncho blouse via black celebration

➝ source : fish print mini skirt via kenzo (on sale!)

➝ source : j.w. anderson penny loafers via ssense (on sale!)


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