“technology is the fashion of the ’90s. it affects everyone, and everyone is interested in it,…” // j. chiat

i’d aver that it’s all apple’s fault. and if the blame can’t squarely be placed on the shoulders of steve jobs, then he and his cohorts definitely had a hand in it.

i remember the first time i laid eyes on an ibook.

it was an episode of felicity – and the moment was transcendent; i couldn’t have cared less whether she ended up in a ménage à trois with ben AND noel, or if it then became next level pervy, and meghan ended up in there – limbs all akimbo. i was all about the laptop and it’s shiny, translucent blueberry shell. suddenly, my compaq presario seemed dull and lifeless, the boring high-school boyfriend i was embarrassed to be seen with.

it was then that it all changed – not only were your tech accessories meant to be functional, their form also had to be clearly/nearly fashionable – and now, there’s no question.

if it doesn’t appeal when i need to type, charge, or have a chat – it’s not going to be mine.


➝ source : rubberneck camera strap via sarah frances kuhn

➝ source : lime green rechargeable battery via puku

➝ source : cargito mini ipad charging case via this is ground

➝ source : georgiana paraschiv’s cloud iphone case via society 6


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