“candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.” // o.nash

there is that moment, when you’ve imbibed just enough to get yourself to a place of lilting ease, when you believe alcohol to be quite literally, the elixir of youth and good times.

you’ve got a sudden charm about you, it makes you light, you’re dancing like nobody’s watching; it has this unusual ability to make you forget that you have a mortgage payment due, a dirty fridge, and that you need to set your alarm for 6.15am tomorrow morning. alcohol may be quicker – but it’s aftermath is infinitely more dreadful than a box of sweets – not to mention that candy is hundreds and thousands times more colourful.

sure, cavities are nothing to grin at – but i’d rather (on occasion) be candy-coloured, than look like i usually do the day after i drink a few too many – besides, muddled brown and crushed ice don’t do anything for my complexion anyway…




➝ source : yvonne leon white gold & turquoise pearl lobe earring via browns

➝ source : maison michel heidi lace bear-ear headband via kirna zabête

➝ source : tube grained leather crossbody bag via balenciaga

➝ source : sonia rykiel wedge brogues via shoescribe


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