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“jeans represent democracy in fashion.” // g. armani

it’s true that i never wear jeans.

of course i’d like to, but i just haven’t found a pair that appease my hips and please my ass.

if your genes aren’t as accommodating as the jeans you adore, you’ll find yourself searching for alternative avenues to assuage your denim desires. when you finally do, you start to recognize that there is an entire universe of denim that doesn’t fit into the conventional ideals of skinny and straight, (though i am not too proud to admit that i still ache for a pair of skinnies).

yet, your perfect fit is out there, once you allow yourself to branch out just a little bit; you’ll find a galaxy of different denim, perfectly suited, just for you.





➝ source : denim & velvet tunic (oh, HOW I WANT) via marni

➝ source : leather patchwork boyfriend jeans via McQ

➝ source : band of outsiders shearling collar denim jacket via ssense

➝ source : the row asti skirt via lagarçonne

“how come anything you buy will go on sale next week?” // e. bombeck

i’ll let you in a little secret : i like to pay full price.

i am not one to wait for a sale, but it’s not because i’m flush with cash, or don’t enjoy a deal. i just don’t have the stamina.

i don’t have the emotional capacity to brave the crowds, bracing myself for the epic search through racks and racks of seemingly endless bits of tat – waiting for that holy trifecta of perfect size, perfect style; a perfect piece of perfection.

enter thee internet.

i don’t seek it out – but you see, we’re in the middle of a season and now, now is when they get you. you’re just sitting around totally unsuspecting, your defenses are down – you’re without a care in the world, and the next thing you know you’re clicking on the checkout link; riding a high of purchasing whatever and what-have-you at a discounted cost whilst wearing sweat socks and a ratty tee and eating ice cream straight out of the tub.

oh yeah. i need to get out of the house.



➝ source : rachel comey port dress via totokaelo

➝ source : kelly wearstler aperto ring via forward

➝ source : proenza schouler silver-tone quilted clutch via far fetch

➝ source : anniel ballerinas via shoescribe

“progress isn’t made by early risers. it’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.” // r.a. heinlen

for the most part, i’d rather be sleeping.

sure, there is a laundry list of amusing things to do, gorgeous things to see, and clever people to meet – but honestly, all i want for the now, is a brisk lie-down – the kind that lasts roughly twenty-two hours and leaves you in a confused and groggy haze. it’s my own fault really – i know all the facts: i tend to enjoy the evening hours a bit too much, those ones after i’m revived by a second wind after my 3pm drowsiness. now, that wouldn’t be all that terirble – yet, combine this with a child, (i could stop there, but lo, i will continue), who has forever woken up with the birds, and you’ll find me, duly nonplussed – and wholly reluctant to get out of bed at 6.02am every morning.

alas – that is my sleepy lot in life.

so, instead of saving up sheep, i save time – by making the morning a bit more efficient – because when you KO the alarm on repeat, time is of the essence – and you’ll appreciate those items that pack a (five-four-three-or) two-for-one punch.





➝ source : naked2 eyeshadow palette via urban decay

➝ source : beach tint for cheeks & lips via becca

➝ source : brow duality highlighting duo via anastasia

➝ source : the multiple for eyes/cheeks & lip via nars

“the best protection any woman can have… is courage.” // e.c. stanton

i’d aver that we all, rather unwittingly, cultivate exteriors that buoy our interiors.

it’s the reason why some of us will never wear black – if you believe it to be dour – and you’re absolutely not, why would you sport it? if your character screams colour, i wouldn’t blame you if you thought the muted tones to be bores. if you feel resolutely feminine, your veneer would probably express the same – girlish, feminine, soft.

this is not to say you don’t change from day to day, try different on faces/different personas; but mostly – i think we probably gravitate to outward appearances that feel most like us, or the us we’d most like to be.

i’d say i’m all big hair, dark liner, unquestionably clunky shoes and mock-armor in adornments, because, yes – i love it all, but also, i wouldn’t want anyone to get the impression that i would ever need any sort of protection. courage comes in the form of many cloaks, you just need to find yours…

➝ source : white out spike bracelet via joomi lim

➝ source : noir evil eye pendant via zoë chicco

➝ source : cone stud earring via eddie borgo

➝ source : valentino rockstud leather bracelet via forzieri

“aprils have never meant much to me, autumns seem that season of beginning, spring.” // t. capote

listen, i think things have gone a bit too far and much too soon.

it’s just struck the middle of july and my inbox has already been besieged with messages of ‘back-to-school!’ – not to mention every single item related to warm weather has had the red emblem of reduction slammed to its side. people – even i, who has made absolutely no effort to hide my disdain of overly-warm weather – finds this behaviour to be a tad bit excessive…

HOWEVER, even in admitting this, i cannot deny that i’m totally giddy that the promise of autumn has shown itself to be nearing – why else would i be coveting all this new inventory that would render me a permanent sweat stain if i got anywhere near it right now?

autumn. it’s coming.



Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 9.40.01 PM


➝ source : chloé collarless melton wool jacket via matches

➝ source : clu chiffon-paneled oxford shirt via net-a-porter

➝ source : 8112 mid-rise rail skinny jeans via jbrand

➝ source : robert clergerie yokole penny loafers via ssense

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