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“a little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.” // r. dahl

and i, i must be the absolute wisest of the lot, because, i may also very well be the most nonsensical.

there is a lot to be said about bringing the silly. when the best of times collides with the worst of times, (read: regular, normal, every day – LIFE), the easiest way to cope is to usher in a healthy dose of the foolish, of whimsy; of just a dash of camp and colour.

ultimately, it’s the simplest way to remember that it can’t always be dark out, you can always turn on the light.


➝ source : &bros pus pus (ignore the name) pillow cases via finnish design shop

➝ source : cherry toiletry bag via leif

➝ source : grace plate via donna wilson

➝ source : valentina necklace via emily green

“it’s mind-altering when you slip into someone else’s shoes. that’s psychedelic, man.” // b. cranston

you can always tell when you’ve borrowed a pair of someone else’s shoes.

you can try and walk in them, but they’ll never fit quite right – the vamp will pinch, the heel ultimately wobbles underneath your gait, and your amble will be familiar, but changed. it’s you – only in the footsteps of someone else.

i wouldn’t dare dream of borrowing someone else’s shoes – mostly because the wilma, fred flintstonian width of my feet would render those shoes useless post-wear; but mostly, if there is one item that we wear that has as much intimate knowledge of who we are, (other than say, our underpinnings); it’s going to end up there – at the bottom of our soles.

there’s a reason, i think, why fashion has veered toward the flat and even more comfortable – the slip-on trainer. if everything else in life is already so complicated, why make the steps you make even more so? i’ve been saying so with my shoes for years – keep it simple; slip them on, and go.


➝ source : joshua sanders radical hologram slip-on sneakers via moda operandi

➝ source : golden goose slip-on low tops via shoescribe

➝ source : checkered platform slip-ons via opening ceremony

➝ source : checkerboard classics via vans

i’d add my perennial favourites, the bensimon plimsolls, (in carbon), but they have become distinctly difficult to come by as of late… so, boo, boo to them.

“…at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” // m. atwood

smelling like dirt, no – that’s not the scent – it’s probably a tad closer to the smell of exhaust and dust. that’s dirt-like, no?

i mean, i do live in the city after all – and something as simple as taking a walk down queen street has become an exercise as gummy as treacle – treacle that is then deeply embedded into every pore by the end of day. it’s no surprise, that it’s a fairly sticky affair when it comes to my evening ablutions.

the waterproof eye makeup-remover, the cleansers, the toners, the spot creams and rampant exasperation – it’s a night-time formality come late may, and stays until the end of september. yet – what i didn’t expect, was that after years of battling the primordial summer ooze, i’ve upped my game – and now, nothing can compete with the litany products that have become my most trusted allies. come, let me show you what i’ve learned…


➝ source : raspberry clarifying pads via arcona

➝ source : juju bar via drunk elephant

➝ source : clarifying mask via indie lee

➝ source : oil-free pore refining cloths via ole henriksen*

*(if you had to choose one item of the four – go with these, they are SO AMAZINGLY AMAZING – your skin will want to phone my skin up and say THANK YOU.)

“candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.” // o.nash

there is that moment, when you’ve imbibed just enough to get yourself to a place of lilting ease, when you believe alcohol to be quite literally, the elixir of youth and good times.

you’ve got a sudden charm about you, it makes you light, you’re dancing like nobody’s watching; it has this unusual ability to make you forget that you have a mortgage payment due, a dirty fridge, and that you need to set your alarm for 6.15am tomorrow morning. alcohol may be quicker – but it’s aftermath is infinitely more dreadful than a box of sweets – not to mention that candy is hundreds and thousands times more colourful.

sure, cavities are nothing to grin at – but i’d rather (on occasion) be candy-coloured, than look like i usually do the day after i drink a few too many – besides, muddled brown and crushed ice don’t do anything for my complexion anyway…




➝ source : yvonne leon white gold & turquoise pearl lobe earring via browns

➝ source : maison michel heidi lace bear-ear headband via kirna zabête

➝ source : tube grained leather crossbody bag via balenciaga

➝ source : sonia rykiel wedge brogues via shoescribe

“my own saying is: ‘create the hype, but don’t ever believe it.’// s. cowell*

oh, but i can be so gullible – and i absolutely hate that about myself.

there are very few things that can make me feel as mortified as falling for something that i really should’ve known better than to believe. it’s why april 1st makes me anxious – i fell a fool once, (twice? leave me alone, i don’t remember!) and it’s taken me years to let it go.

i pride myself on being jaded; yes – it’s almost impossible to surprise me, (because, let’s be clear, i loathe surprises) – and also, it’s because i don’t want to reach some unprecedented level of excitement because the power of hype lead me astray. of course, i am occasionally thrown off my course – and i buy into whatever it is someone is trying to sell me, and am immediately played for a fool.

and then, there are those products, (they are very few and far between, let me assure you), that prove themselves to be absolutely true-blue – to actually be worth the hype, to be worth their weight in gold – to reach that mythical cult status. these, these are (a few of) mine…

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 10.05.08 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 10.07.16 PM

➝ source : glycolic acid 10% moisturizer via peter thomas roth

➝ source : blot powder in medium via mac cosmetics

➝ source : dry texturizing spray via oribe

➝ source : blush in ‘gaiety’ via nars cosmetics

*you think he practices what he preaches?

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