“anybody can be a great photographer if they zoom in enough on what they love.” // d. bailey

when i was little, i used to spend hours flipping through my parents’ old photo albums.

i’m still not sure what it was about those yellowed, dog-eared images that held my attention for so long. was it the stories they told? or perhaps it was those eastern-bloc buildings – architecture that spoke to me about the place my mother had grown up, the streets she walked down, the various hairdos she had and the flares she wore.

and trust me, she wore those flares with aplomb and flipped her hair à la that girl like only those in the former-communist russia could. maybe it was just that – that they held my attention with each page flipped, the evolution of one’s style became clear.

what is a bit perplexing to me now, is that i still adore looking at photographs and taking a few myself – but as much as i admire style, you’d be hard pressed to find me taking an #OOTD pic, or even taking a literal image of clothes on a hanger. i think i’d rather take pictures of graffiti and my kid, and let others take photos of the stylish.





➝ source : nitch

➝ source : delpozo

➝ source : etre cecile

➝ source : yasmin sewell


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