“nothing in the world is single / all things by law divine / in one another’s being mingle…” // p. b. shelley

none of us are alone, as long we have ourselves; or something existential and poetic like that. hold on, wait – i have something in my eye – i think it’s a huge ROLL.

though there is much to be said about being one half of a pair, being one of a kind has a certain allure that should not be discounted. in being one, you stand front and centre behind no one’s shadow – attention and affection is bestowed on only you – a solitary spotlight to shine on that which is most special – most appealing, and more importantly, most twinkly.

let your single state shine – no need to wear a pair. put your hair up, put one of these glimmering charms on and you do you – be the only thing anyone can look at.





➝ source : lito izel single earring via white bird

➝ source : ana khouri hug earring via colette

➝ source : mono storm earring via runa

➝ source : crescent & star earring via kismet by milka


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