“i’m a dirt person. i trust the dirt. i don’t trust diamonds and gold.” // e. kitt

this statement, it’s verily untrue.

i’m dirt-averse, i keep a clean house and i’m approaching OCD-levels on these (seriously) clean (and chapped) hands. i’m not one to aver that cleanliness is next to godliness, as i’m not into that sort of thing, but my brain does like to keep things tidy. there is one area, however, where a little dirt won’t irk me, and oddly enough – it’s all over my face.

i find it bizarre and not a little bit ironic that the cleanest my skin feels is when i rub it all up in the muck – of course, it’s not your plain, old muddy-mud that my dog rolls about in, but you know, the refined, antiseptic sort – the kind you don’t go out in to your yard to fetch; this is the kind of dirt you’ll pay good money for – but it’s fine, your skin will pay you back in kind.


➝ source : activated charcoal cleanser via shamanuti

➝ source : tea tree leaf facial exfoliant via aesop

➝ source : the problem solver correcting masque via may lindstrom

➝ source : dark angels scrub via lush

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  • Georgia

    Sounds very cool! I might grab one of these to try out for myself. I’ve always wanted to try a mud bath and I guess this will be the closest thing to it for now, haha. could you also review Vain Pursuits actually? I’ve started hearing about them quite a bit lately and would love to hear what you have to say about this company!

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