“did you ever get the feeling that the world was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes?” // g. gobel

it’s been ages since i’ve had the need to use the black-tie option; i suppose me and mine just don’t run in the right circles (what sweet relief!).

when, in the past i’ve been presented with an invite that requested the affair be formal, i know i always tried to divert the course. case in point – i’ve never worn a dress that grazed an ankle, and i’ve never met a strappy/stilettoed shoe that made me swoon, (shudder in pain and horror yes, but never have i swooned).

the truth is, as the hors d’ouevres are served, cocktails are sipped, and small-talk is bantered about, the men seem as happy as clams. well-dressed, finely tailored, comfortably mingling in their buffed shoes – i think how much better off they are. and i want in. my intentions may not lean toward to le smoking, or of the janelle monae, but something infinitely more interesting – and surely, (please!) more comfortable than a gown and heels.





➝ source : exaggerated tuxedo dress via cynthia rowley

➝ source : tuxedo dress via A’N’D

➝ source : monochrome tuxedo dress via 3.1 phillp lim

➝ source : wool & satin cape via givenchy


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